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News from Elsewhere

Friend of Design Observer—and former collegue of mine—Andrew Blauvelt is leaving the Walker Art Center after many years to become the Director of the Cranbrook Art Museum. Warm congratulations to him!

Stubborness and stupidity: A short film about NAC, the last existing cassette-tape manufacturer, run by the King of Analogue.

Fearing Britain's anti-terror laws, the British Museum has—questionably—turned down the opportunity to acquire a unique archive of Taliban documents. 

The things they left behind. 

magazine has been making some sweet short films over the past couple of years. The latest, about the former residents of a commune that was recently purchased by artist Fritz Haeg does well to highlight the meaning of place over the ego of the artist.

Summer may be over, but not for the Mets (at least not yet ...): Roger Angell (who else?) on being a Mets fan this season.

Required reading: Charlie Fox on Buster Keaton in Cabinet.

Khoi Vinh released the results of his Design Tools survey. We also asked him a few questions about it here.

The 1982 D.C. Comics style guide. 'Nuff said.

There's a new type blog—this one's for the ladies

The marketing of mediocrity

A hilarious debunking of New York City luxury dining in Harper's.

Back to school: Cooper Union—on its way to being (kind of) tuition-free (again). And this lovely thirtieth-anniversary exhibit opened at the Lubalin Center there last night.

We had a new episode of The Observatory this week. Listen here.

Designer and Stanford professor Sara Little died this week.

Eugenia Bell 

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