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My Life in Middlemarch Elena Giavaldi, Designer, Christopher Brand, Art Director. Published by Crown Books

Books are a tried-and-true technology, requiring no plugs or updates or compatibility checks. To a designer, they're palpable, visual repositories of time travel, opportune prologues for ensuing narrative. How to introduce an idea and not give it all away? How to capture the enormity of a subject, the specificity of a voice? How do books lure readers, entice loyalty, mesmerize our thinking, and ultimately, drive sales?

Far be it for us to try to explain the vicissitudes of the book business, but we know that there's a reason the Fifty Books | Fifty Covers competiton has endured for nearly a century. We're not about to give up on it, and neither should you. We're $13,000 away from our goal—a goal that with your support, will bring these books to schools and AIGA chapters around the country. 

We believe that books still matter. And so should you. Join us—and help support America's longest uninterrupted design competition—before it's too late.

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Come on folks! We are so close to making this happen. Think of this book and what it will mean to get these amazing works of art off the digital space and something we (and you!) can hold in your hands. The book! What a worthy cause. Will you please donate?
John Foster

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