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50 Books | 50 Covers 2014
An Observer Edition
6.5 x 9 inches, 300+ pages, full color

There are few things more meta—or, for that matter, more visually gripping—than a book about books.

Here's ours. And a few words about why we think you should think about supporting it, and the exhibition that will accompany it.

Books are the original handheld devices, which we navigate with our eyes, our minds, and our hearts. They're repositories of information, but more importantly, they're catalysts for imagination. And to the extent that we all judge books by their covers, the selected covers of this competition represent the finest visual minds at work. 

The Fifty Books | Fifty Covers project is many things: a tool for design education, a vehicle for design history, and a testament to why books matter. Please lend your support today: it's the only way we'll meet what we believe is a goal that we all share.

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Come on folks, let’s support this worthwhile project. If everyone offers just a drip, we can fill an ocean.
John Foster

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