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The Penmanship Collection

While we have often written about material culture here at Design Observer, we have seldom (if ever) sold products of any kind. Indeed, when other sites do Christmas lists, we share but do not post our own. With the exception of book lists, this has been our custom.

But this year, we're trying something a little different: we're sharing our collections—on a variety of products—beginning with a series of vintage handwriting primers, now available on everything from phone cases to duvet covers.

Behold: The Design Observer Penmanship Collection!

We'll be adding more curated collections in coming weeks, and thank you in advance for your continued support and your patronage.

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Well I really think that you nailed it with this amazing post. I liked the fact that one can always speed up the process.
Taposy Rabeya

Wow! These are amazing. Great job! And love the idea.
Audrey Reed

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