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Welcome to the Thesis Book Project

Shweta Sharma, This Is Not a Toy  

We are delighted to announce our first year of thesis books! Our inaugural Thesis Book Project class comprises fifty-five entries from twenty-four universities in five countries, with representative examples spanning twelve disciplines, including graphic design, product design, book arts, and architecture, among many others.

Over the coming weeks, our mentors will review actual examples of these books, and we will be publishing interviews with their authors/designers here, where we invite you all to join the conversation. Interested readers may purchase any of these books on Blurb.

We are grateful to these students for sharing their work with us, and as ever, we encourage your comments and input. Here is small sampling of the books we've received. You can see them all here

Brooke Francesi, Temporal Typography 

Alex Jacque, Blens 

Joe Granato, This is an Island and Therefore Unreal 

Viviane Jalil, Multiple Influences: from witnessing language to performing it 

Elin Nyberg, The Human Side of the Internet 

Kristen Myers, This Side This Side This Side This Side Up: An Alternative Approach to Social Design 

Nate Gulledge, Inferno: Seek Light or Abandon Hope 

Amanda Pickens, WOW! Shop, Flip Copy 

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