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We're Thankful

Gratitutde, by Debbie Millman

Here in America on this day of ritualized thanks, we are reminded that saying "Thank You" is a meaningful, yet all-too-often overlooked part of everyday life. And so we say thank you to all our readers whose contributions we recognize with sincere gratitude. We are nothing without you.

We've gathered a few food and thankfulness related posts from our archive. Happy Reading!

It's too late to start George Lois' Thanksgiving stuffing recipe (it takes two days), but it's a fine time to read the story of the recipe and how it saved his marriage.

An essay by Nicola Waldron, about the cycles of life and land.

Artist and farmer Matthew Moore describes his Digital Farm Collective, a multimedia project created to spur dialogue about the future of the family farm.

Way back in 2009 Alexandra Lange hosted her first Thanksgiving in her then newly finished home. While she hasn't updated us, we assume it went well.

Timothy Beatley describes a new tradition in the planning department at the University of Virginia: the 100-Mile Thanksgiving, for which students prepare the annual feast, trying to use food produced within 100 miles of the Charlottesville campus.

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