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More Top Posts from 2014

It's the end of the year and that means lists. Yesterday we gathered the most popular essayistic posts of 2014 on Design Observer. Today, we highlight those that were the most visually arresting to our readers. In no particular order, the artists, archives, ideas, collections, and photographs that caught the attention of our contributors in 2014 follow:

John Foster, who admits to having only three pairs of shoes himself, took a look at shoe designs from before 1900

Typographer and designer Eric Karnes expanded on a thought experiment in which geology met type

Rob Walker, moved by the significance of this year's midterm elections, commissioned six illustrators and designers to reimagine an in-flux Congressional District—with humorous and illuminating outcomes.

John Foster located extremes of beauty in imperfect places and in the design and manufacture of utilitarian and spiritual objects of Native Americans

He also opened his collection of embroidered photographs and discovered some artists who are reinventing the craft

On the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, Adam Harrison Levy revisited a cache of photographs of the aftermath.

Our own Hunter Gatherer, Laura Tarrish, explored the various applications that the iconic shape of the house can take …

… And she opened the private sketchbooks of artists and illustrators for us

Adam Harrison Levy visited Aaron Rose's Coney Island

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