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Top 10 Posts of 2015

Herewith, in no particular order, are the reader's favorite posts of 2015. 

Typographic Tipping Point

By Adrian Shaughnessy
Have we reached peak typeface?

Henri Matisse: The Lost Interview

By Adam Harrison Levy
A previously unknown conversation with a modern master 

Defending The Standpipe
By Rob Waker
A curious concentration of designs to discourage people from sitting on standpipes.

Exposure: Grace Jones by Jean-Paul Goude
By Rick Poynor
Beauty, androgyny, and threat

Books Matter
By Timothy Young
Toting up the important and unalienable characteristics of the printed codex

Naive in Norwalk
By Bonnie Siegler
Dear Bonnie doles out some homework

Inside the Lines
By Michael Bierut + Jessica Helfand
Michael and Jessica discuss the The Grid, which uses artificial intelligence to design websites, the history of grids, and the unlikely success of coloring books for adults.

Visualizing Architecture
By Fred A. Bernstein
How graphic designers view the built environment 

Architecture vs. the People
By Bryan Finoki
How anti-homeless measures diminish a city’s responsibility to its most vulnerable citizens

Jessica Walsh + Timothy Goodman
By Debbie Millman
On this week’s episode Debbie Millman talks to Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman about their unusual collaboration 

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