Mark Lamster

Michael Jackson, Automotive Designer


I know, Michael Jackson has done some terrible things. Tax evasion. Absconding with the Beatles catalog. Child molestation. We Are the World. But this — is design even the word for it? — this interior renovation of a stretch Rolls Royce (what kind of nitwit stretches a Rolls Royce?) may be his worst crime. Note how the floor mats don't even fit. Egads. A Russian mobster from Brighton Beach wouldn't even get in the thing. "Ees beet tyoo much, nyet?" You can have it, however, for somewhere in the vicinity of $140K. Also, I'm pretty sure Jacques-Louis David would not be happy about this.

Posted in: Fashion , Music

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Comments [2]
Regardless of what he did he is still the king and always will leave an ever lasting impact on people. RIP

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